Empty Leg Flights Bring Luxury Jet Travel Within Reach for Many in Canada

Many people only dream of flying on a private jet. The few who do are either billionaire businessmen or celebrated actors and artists. Given that most of us live our lives going through the experiences of commercial and economy class travel, the idea of flying private can seem like only a mirage.

Flying economy class means you have to check in extremely early and go through the dreaded customs queues.

Luxury Jet

What if I told you there is a way you can travel on a private jet at almost the same price you would pay commercial flights? If you are patient and lucky, you can find a way to travel private in empty leg flights Canada.

What is an empty leg flight?

An empty leg flight is a private jet flight where no one is on-board. These are often route connecting flights as the jet moves from one destination to the next to pick up the paying client. For many years, these flights were never on offer.

The private charter companies realized they could make some extra cash selling these relocation flights at a fraction of what a normal charter flight would cost for that route. These flights quickly gained popularity because people saw this as a way to experience the private jet luxury and convenience at a price within their reach.

The price of empty leg flights

While the price of empty leg flights Canada is only a fraction of the usual price, it is still quite expensive if you board the jet on your own. If you are a group and manage to occupy all the seats, the price can drop to the price you would pay a regular commercial flight. What’s more, today there are empty leg flights finder websites that have been created to help passengers locate empty leg flights Canada and around the globe.

The downside of empty leg flights

The main downside of empty leg flights is that unlike commercial flights, they are only one-way flights. This means when you find one, the same cannot get you back home; you have to find other – which is unlikely – or board a commercial airline for your return trip.

What you get on an empty leg flight

You will enjoy free champagne, catering and entertainment, the same package a regular customer would get. There are usually no flight attendants on empty leg flights Canada. All the same, you will not serve yourself. One of the two pilots on board will pour you drinks and serve you some snacks.

Private Yacht Vacations – Planning Makes Perfect

private yacht vacations

For many of us working people, it is not easy to get enough free time to spend on a vacation. Because of this, it is would be such a shame if whatever time you manage to free up gets wasted on a botched vacation. More so if you are interested in private yacht vacations; these not only take a lot of your free time, they can also be a bit costly. To make sure you get the most fun out of private yacht vacations, you need to plan way ahead of time.

Planning The Perfect Private Yacht Vacation

One of the first things to consider, aside from the time available off work, is the available budget. This directly affects the options which will be available to you including the destination, length of the cruise, activities you can indulge in, as well as the level of luxury you can choose.

You, and any companions you may have, should have a clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to do. There is no harm in looking at a few tourist websites and contacting the tourist boards of prospective destinations. You can find out if the activities you are interested in are not prohibited and if they would be possible in the season you wish to visit. If you wish to visit the Caribbean, the Caribbean Tourism Organization website has lots of information.

Once you have decided upon a destination or itinerary, you can decide what type of yacht you are interested in. There are motor yachts and various models of sailing yachts to choose from. Aside from that, many yacht charter companies give you the option to choose bareboat, captained or fully-crewed charters. This is especially true of sailing yachts which take a certain level of skill to operate on your own. You will also need to consider the number of people in your group, the duration of your cruise, and your budget.

Once you have the general idea of where you want to go and the features of the yacht you wish to charter, you need to start contacting yacht charter companies. There are many yacht charters to choose from, but it is always better to deal with one which has been operating in your intended destination for some time. This generally means they know the area and the regulations well enough to steer you out of potential problems and into the choicest spots. They can even help you obtain any licenses and permits that may be required to keep you from getting on the wrong side of the law.

Consult with the yacht charter company to find out what extras they can offer like scuba equipment, surf boards, fishing poles, etc. There is also the matter of provisioning. Good yacht charter companies can help make sure you do not overlook any supplies you may need on your vacation cruise. You’d be surprised at how forgetting to ask for certain ordinary items (like toilet paper) can cause a lot of headaches.

Only with proper planning can you ensure you get the most of the time and money you spend on your dream private yacht vacation.

Honeymoon destinations in sunny Florida

 best honeymoon destinations

When planning honeymoon destinations in sun, sand and sea, so many of us immediately think of exotic places to go to.  The most common spots that come to mind are the Caribbean and Mexico; both boast of miles of beaches and well developed tourism sectors.  And to be fair, you can probably have the best honeymoon destinations in those places.  But are we not overlooking choice beach spots right under our noses?  Florida has some of the best sunny beaches anywhere, it is just a border crossing away from Canada and Americans need not leave the US.

Romantic getaways in Florida beaches involve lower travel fares (it is nearer) and people speak the same language most of us do – English.  You can always browse through the website of the American Society of Travel Agents, but here is a list of three suggestions:

  1. Perdido Key State Park, Pensacola, Florida

There are lots of sunny beaches in Perdido, and it boasts of very fine white sand and emerald-green waters.  At the park itself all you’ll get are picnic tables and outdoor showers, but there are plenty lodging options in the area.  A stay at 1-bedroom vacation rentals cost less than $2000 a month.  But on a honeymoon visit, why not stay at moderately upscale hotels for $150 to $200 per night.  For those prices you get a room, you enjoy a private beach, indoor pools, onsite restaurants, tennis courts, etc.  Experience the flavor of freshly caught shrimp, gumbos, and oysters the state is known for.

  1. Miami Beach, Florida

In Miami Beach you will never be far from the water; more than 60% of its area is water.  There are swimming, snorkeling, fishing and water sports activities to choose from.  There are lots of hotels where you can stay, but moderately good ones cost between $250 and $300 dollars.  For people for whom price is no object, there are plenty of luxury suites to choose from.  There are two free tram services bringing people to interesting spots like Little Havana, where you get to taste authentic Cuban cuisine and The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.  If that is not enough, lovers on their first romantic adventure as a married couple can arrange for a tour of the huge Everglades National Park.  Miami Beach remains a prime honeymoon spot.

  1. Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach is on south western side of Florida so its beaches are on the gentler Gulf of Mexico side.  Aside from the usual beach and water activities, which are still plentiful in Fort Myers Beach, there are lots more for honeymooning couples to experience together.  Shopping and dining at the town center later makes for great intimate bonding moments.  For variety lovers can visit the Railroad Museum, and Museum of History.  The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve and the Manatee Park waits to be explored.  Decent hotels will cost you in excess of $200 a night.

While Fort Myers is not as well known as many other sunny locations in Florida, it is still a great honeymoon destination.  Perhaps, that makes it even more appealing.